Sheet Pan Meals for the Win

Sheet Pan Meals for the Win

Let’s Talk About Sheet Pans And sheet pan meals, too. Doesn’t that sound like the most interesting conversation you’ll have all week? Well, nevertheless, it must be done. First, too many of you have poor quality sheet pans. I know because I own 4 of them myself. One was from my bridal shower (I’ve been […]

Be a Boy Scout: Always Prepared

Be A Boy Scout_ Always Prepared

Always Prepared Actually, the motto of the Boy Scouts is: Be Prepared, but I think always being prepared is better. I suppose it’s a good idea for everyone to be prepared, but for those of us with ADHD, it’s more of a must. And you must be wondering: prepared for what? Well, for life. Not […]

4 Ways to Improve Your Memory

4 Ways to Improve Your Memory

Could Your Memory Use Some Improvement? I know mine could. I did some research and I’ve come up with 4 ways that you can improve your memory. As women with ADHD, our working memory is poor at best. That’s just a scientific fact, but when you add in what our days are like, and everything […]

Is Insecurity Ruining Your Life?

Is Insecurity Ruining Your Life_

Do You Feel Insecure? Insecurity is something that those of us with ADHD deal with often; not all of us, I suppose, but a lot of us. And it has the potential to ruin your life. Maybe “ruining your life” is a bit dramatic, but insecurity certainly has the potential to affect your life in […]

Prep Ahead for Quick Dinners

prep ahead for quick dinners

What’s for Dinner? Don’t you love that question? Well, if you learn to prep ahead, you can have a quick answer, and a quick dinner on the table in no time. You can even make it healthy! Prep Ahead The key to all of this, of course, is preparing ahead of time. It isn’t that […]