Decision Making: Why You Suck at It

Decision making, list

Quick: Give Me a Yes or No Do you suck at decision making? Wow. That was one decision that was easy to make, right? I’m guessing there was a great big “yes” there. I know for sure that trying to decide between one thing and another is torture for me. It takes me forever, weighing […]

Your Thoughts are More Powerful than You Think

Woman, OK sign

You Don’t Know What You’re Thinking We have so many thoughts going through our heads at any given moment, that it’s hard to keep up with them. But your brain is on top of it. In fact, your thoughts are more powerful than you think. And here’s the scary but really important part: those random […]

Fear: Which One is Holding You Back?

Are You Afraid? When it comes to fear, which one is holding you back? Maybe you’re not afraid right this very second, but most of us are, way more than we would care to admit. Especially those of us with ADHD, because we’re not confident to begin with, and we’re much more familiar with failure […]

Anger Can Be a Powerful Motivator

Anger Motivator, fist

When I Said Enough Anger can be a powerful motivator. It certainly was for me. I remember bits and pieces of that time, but not all of the details. All I knew for sure what that I was mad and I was tired. Tired of forgetting. Sick of making excuses. I’d had enough of living […]

Making the Most of Sunday Dinner

Making the Most of Sunday Dinner An ADD Woman

Starting the Week Off Right For most of us, the week begins on Sunday. Although many of us don’t work that day, it’s still the day to get ready for the week. And that includes making the most of dinner time. When I was a kid, Sunday dinner was a big deal. We went to […]