Random Thoughts

I know I have been MIA the last few days. Hopefully you were too busy making memories with your loved ones to notice. My days were spent cooking and cleaning, taking a trip to the Christmas tree farm (and 3 trips to the store for enough lights), and making cookies with this guy: That’s a […]


Do you ever feel overwhelmed? I know I do. It’s pretty common for people with ADHD to feel that way. We have difficulty prioritizing; to us, everything seems equally important. Often we choose to do something not because it is important to get done right away, but because we’re afraid that if we don’t do […]

Simplify Your Vehicle

Have you ever seen the inside of someone’s car and it looked like they were living in it? I remember a lady down the street when we bought our first house. She had a home, but her car had no room in it except for her. It was packed to the roof with stuff. My […]

Simple Cleaning Ideas

I will be the first to admit it. I hate cleaning house. And I’m not really good at it, either. But I do enjoy a clean home. And like I say in An ADD Woman Cleans, it has to be done. There is no getting around it. Over the years, I’ve developed some strategies for […]

Simplify Your Papers

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the link and purchase the product, the seller gives me a slight incentive. Your price does not change.   This weekend my husband and I went on a great big purging spree. We tackled most of the downstairs and got rid of a lot of […]

Simplify Your Bag

Big purse, little purse; which one are you? I personally prefer a larger bag, as do my daughters. (My oldest, Sarah, used to make fun of her sisters and my big bags until she had a baby and realized how useful they were.) But even if you carry a small bag, it can still be […]