Simplify Your Digital Life

You know, I think that, as a whole, we ADDers are messy people. But we’re creative too, and I think that creative types tend to be messy too. Our messes are part of our ADHD in a way. Poor short term memory, always anticipating the next thing – there are so many reasons that we […]

Simplify Your Space

  Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the link and purchase the product, I get a small fee from Amazon. This does not change the price to you.  Many of us with ADHD have cluttered spaces. We forget about things, lose things, and set things down without thinking. We tend to […]

Simplify Your Mind

  Simplify your mind. Isn’t that just the best idea ever? You know what our ADHD minds are like – there’s a whole circus going on in there and then some. It’s as though all of the channels on your TV were on and playing at the same time. Is it any wonder we are […]

Simplify Your Life: One Good Habit

  I’m about to show you something shocking; something you may find hard to believe. Are you ready? That awful mess up there is my living room. Well, a part of it anyway. And don’t be led into thinking that I decided that today I would get out my Halloween decorations and put them up. […]

How Do You Get Things Done?

That’s an honest question. What? You think cause I write this blog and am the resident ADHD Expert at, that I have all the answers? Nope. Not even close. I struggle with getting things done just like you do. Sure, I have some great ideas on how to do it all, and sometimes I […]

Longing for Order

As An ADD Woman, you probably find yourself in the midst of chaos more than you would like. And you may find yourself longing for order. I understand. I can relate.   I think that having ADHD means we are always longing for some kind of order in our lives. Either that, or we are […]