The Magic of Routine

an add woman magic of routine

Doing the Same Stuff And expecting different results? Nope. Doing the same stuff and getting more done. And what I mean by doing the same stuff is turning the same stuff you do over and over (or need to do over and over) into a routine. Have you ever found yourself driving to work on […]

Simplify Your Life: One Good Habit

  I’m about to show you something shocking; something you may find hard to believe. Are you ready? That awful mess up there is my living room. Well, a part of it anyway. And don’t be led into thinking that I decided that today I would get out my Halloween decorations and put them up. […]

What to Do When Life Gets CRAZY

I know what you’re thinking. “What does she mean when life gets crazy? Mine’s crazy all the time!”. Allow me to clarify. There is your “normal” crazy life, and then there is crazy. Like chaos on steroids. Let’s face it. You may think your life is as full as it can be and you’re doing […]

Time Flies

Do you ever get to the end of the day and wonder where it went? You feel like you’re busy all day long and yet you don’t seem to have anything to show for it? I feel that way a lot, especially now. I’m taking occupational therapy for my arm and on the days I […]

Habits = Well Run Home

One of the best ways for we ADD Moms to keep our life running smoothly is to turn positive actions into good habits. So much of our life seems to run on auto pilot anyway; making a conscious effort to develop good habits just makes our life easier. Bernice from The Stressed Mom understands this […]

Routines are Important

Routine and habit are secret weapons for managing Attention Deficit Disorder and it’s symptoms. Things that you do automatically, without thinking, can help you make more sense of your crazy life. I recently started working outside the home part time. I needed the break, but it really messed with my life for a while. I […]