A Cozy Blanket for Your ADHD

Did you know that a blanket can actually help your ADHD symptoms? It can help calm you down, relax you, and lower stress and anxiety. It can even help you sleep better at night. But not just any blanket. A therapeutic weighted blanket. Applying weight and slight pressure to the body has long been a […]

Meditate in Color

When my son Andy was 2 he witnessed our German Shepherd Lucy get run over by a truck. He didn’t cry or seem to understand, but I was worried about how it might affect him, so I asked my daughter’s pre-school teacher for advice. She told me to buy some paper and watercolors and let […]

BBQ Sauce & ADHD

The other day I decided to make peach BBQ sauce. From scratch. Seriously? Do I have so much leisure time that I can take a few hours to make peach BBQ sauce? (No.) A simple trip to the store would have worked. Well, I did make a trip to the store, but to buy ingredients […]

5 Ways to Reduce Your Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is something that affects many of us with ADHD. There are a number of factors behind this: We are not always able to pick up on social cues because we don’t pay close enough attention We are too busy thinking of what to say that we miss those cues and the conversation happening […]

Home Decor for ADHD

What? You didn’t realize that your ADHD dictates the way your house looks? Oh wait. I guess you knew that. But I’m not talking about clutter or lack of organization. Well, not just those things. Of course you realize that your ADHD makes it harder for you to keep things the way you would like […]

You Need a Mom Cave

Recently HomeGoods put forth the idea that men have “man caves” – places they could go and relax – and that it was time that moms had a cave too. Here is the “official” definition: I happen to agree. Moms are pretty hardworking people; we really need a place to go and relax for a […]