Restoring Order

31 Day Challenge: Day 31 Participating in this 31 Day Challenge and writing every day about order has inspired me and my home looks better for it. Many areas of my home have been decluttered, cleaned, and put to order. And there is something that I have discovered along the way: restoring order is much […]


31 Day Challenge: Day 19

Attention Deficit Dis- Order

31 Day Challenge: Day 15 Since we are talking all things orderly this month, I thought that it would be appropriate to point out that October is ADHD Awareness month. (Yes I am taking advantage of the fact that the word order is part of disorder, but I can still make it relevant.) Now of […]

5 Quick Steps Towards Order

31 Day Challenge: Day 8 When we look around our homes and think about order, it can be overwhelming. There is just so much that needs to be done. Where do we begin? There are a lot of ways to choose where to begin: you might do the most pressing area first, or the messiest, […]

The High Price of Disorder

31 Day Challenge: Day 7 Ahem. Yes, that really is the eyesore next to my desk. What? You think because I’m an ADD Coach that my life is perfect? That I’m organized and my house is always ready for Better Homes and Gardens to photograph it? I’m human. And I have ADHD. And, if it’s […]

One Simple Rule

Day 4 of 31 Days of Order, Restored     When it comes to having a neat and orderly space, one that’s simple to clean and maintain, there is just one simple rule to follow: The beginning of that saying is “A place for everything and…”. That really is the key right there; to have […]