Is There a Ferrari in Your Head?


You Know What a Ferrari Is, Right? It’s a really fast sports car. Do you feel like you have one in your head? Maybe not an actual Ferrari, but something that goes really fast? Like all of those thoughts spinning around in your head? You can barely finish one before there are 3 more popping […]

The Easiest Way to Improve Your Focus

Yep, that’s right. One of the easiest ways to improve your focus is to drink water, preferably throughout the day. And preferably from a glass or reusable container rather than a plastic bottle cause there are way too many in our landfills already. When you are well hydrated your ability to think clearly is improved. […]

Feed Your ADHD

My family and I have completely fallen in love with this dish from Ambitious Kitchen. I mean, just look at it!     The colors, the taste, the variety, and the textures. Oh my. And there’s no meat. The quinoa, peanut butter, and cashews provide the protein. I’ve made it twice as the only thing […]

Eating for ADHD

Did you know that certain foods can either help your ADHD symptoms or make them worse? It’s true. What we put in our bodies, as well as what goes on in our bodies, affects our brains. Don’t believe me? Go have a few shots of tequila and then tell me your brain hasn’t been affected. […]

Managing ADHD Naturally, Part 4

Water We’ve all heard of the importance of drinking enough water – eight 8 ounce glasses a day. And yet many of us still don’t do it. When it comes to Attention Deficit Disorder and The Med Free with ADD program, water is a vital component. Here’s why: remember the chapter on protein, and the […]

ADHD: Beyond Medication

You and your ADHD do not exist in a vacuum. Just like almost everything else in your life, your ADHD is affected by all kinds of other factors like diet, exercise, sleep, stress level and more. Whether or not you choose to take medication to help you with your ADHD symptoms, you can also do […]