Tough Times

There are times in every ADD Moms life when things get really tough. It might be because of outside situations beyond your control or it might be because of your ADHD symptoms. Usually it's a combination of both. When something unexpected happens - a loved one gets ill, a job layoff, some … [Read more...]

Social Anxiety: How to Deal

Social anxiety is one of those little perks that often comes along with ADHD. It's understandable. When you consider that you have trouble paying attention to what others are saying, miss social cues, often interrupt or contribute things that don't seem to follow the conversation, it's no wonder … [Read more...]

Communication Skills

Good communication skills are important to every aspect of our lives, whether it's communicating with your spouse, your boss, or even your hair stylist. Maybe especially your hair stylist. :) But as ADD Moms, our communication skills may not be as polished as we would like. It's hard to … [Read more...]