I Just Don’t Know – ADHD and Making a Decision

ADHD, decision

Making Decisions Do you have trouble making a decision? Is that a hard question? I ask because as I am writing this, I’m answering the question for myself. And the answer is: yes and no. Sometimes I can make a decision really quick – even really big ones. Other times, it can take me forever. […]

The Power of Good Enough

As hard as it may be to believe, many of we ADD Moms are perfectionists. Really. Just because things may not look perfect at your house doesn’t mean you aren’t a perfectionist. It means that perfectionists often put things off until they can do them “perfectly”. The “right” way. No sense doing something if you’re […]

Anxiety and Decision Making

A recent study has shown that people who have anxiety – which is a lot of those of us with ADHD – can also have difficulty making decisions, especially when you are anxious. As I understand it, when you are anxious, it triggers neurons in your brain that block other neurons from being able to […]

Timely Tips

As ADD Moms, our lives are always busy. And since we do have ADHD, things can easily take over or get out of hand. I am always looking for ways to manage my time more effectively, so that I can feel as though things are done (for now at least) and I can relax a […]

Are You Expecting Perfection?

We’ve been talking a lot lately about homekeeping and making a comfortable home for our families. But do you expect perfection? Believe it or not, we ADDers do tend to expect perfection from ourselves, and we beat ourselves up when we don’t achieve it. Or else we don’t even try because we don’t think we […]