31 Day Challenge: Order, Restored


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Hello and welcome to An ADD Woman!

My name is Brenda and I write about things that are of interest to women who have ADHD, and those who don’t!

We talk about things like cleaning and organizing, managing our time and our lives, and just taking better care of ourselves.

The topic for my 31 Day Challenge is Order, Restored.

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Order, Restored


The idea of order in the face of chaos is a very comforting one, especially if you are a woman with ADHD.

Of course, people who do not have ADHD may also be comforted by a sense of order.

It’s just that when you have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) your life is more often closer to chaos than order. Order for us is a goal to be reached and hopefully held on to.

And if you can find order in more than one area of your life, you are truly blessed.

Ordered brings a sense of calm and wellbeing. Order, restored is the release of a long held sigh, a sign that things are finally right in the world again.

As we go through the next 31 days together, we will explore order in it’s many forms and look for ways to restore it to our own somewhat scattered lives.

Where do you crave order in your life?


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